Creating This Internet Resource

Many people are unacquainted with what goes into the existence of a website like this. All they know is, they perform an Internet search using Google or another search engine and up pops links for many websites, some of them better than others, but all free for the taking. These websites aren't created out of thin air, however; human beings create them, often using their own time and money to do it. Here is a brief idea of what goes into the creation and continuation of websites like mine:

  1. Time spent online researching the material. This includes finding, visiting, and reading through web sites. For sites like mine that greatly concern themselves with accuracy and completeness, this usually amounts ultimately to hundreds and hundreds of hours.
  2. Time spent offline researching the material. This can include reading books and other print publications of various kinds, listening to radio interviews, and conducting telephone calls intended to gather or clarify information. Again, for sites like mine that greatly concern themselves with accuracy and completeness, this can easily amount to many, many hours of time, as well as money spent.
  3. Time spent thinking about the material gathered: what is important and how it should be presented.
  4. Time spent building the infrastructure of the site: coding the pages, and then uploading them. Learning new web design skills, and locating and learning new software tools as necessary. Time spent ensuring that each page uploaded arrived successfully and displays properly onscreen. Time intermittently spent testing navigation and indeed all aspects of the site.
  5. Money spent, a regular monthly fee, to pay for the web host for the site. The host provides the computer server where the pages that comprise the site reside, so your computer can then retrieve them for display on your screen.
  6. Money spent, another monthly fee, to pay for the internet service provider used to upload the files to that server.
  7. Etc.

And opportunity cost is such that all the time (and money) spent on the above is time and money that cannot be spent on family, bills, recreational activities, medical care, and simply everything else that modern life requires of each of us.

So please: click the PayPal button, bottom of previous page, and give as much as you comfortably can, and that amount appropriate to the nightmare that you have been spared because of my work and my caring. Given what was at stake, I would expect a considered, good-faith donation to begin in the $100 to $1000 range. Please make your donation as soon as possible after deciding to refrain from embalming.

If the PayPal button does not appear, please refresh your page.

Thank you.

~ Don't destroy their inside, for a temporary illusion outside ~